Щековая дробилка Polygonmach 1-PMCC1

щековая дробилка Polygonmach 1-PMCC1
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Марка:  Polygonmach
Модель:  1-PMCC1
Тип:  щековая дробилка
Место расположения:  Турция YENİMAHALLE/ ANKARA /
Дата размещения:  вчера
Machineryline ID:  GL38089
Состояние:  б/у

Дополнительная информация — Щековая дробилка Polygonmach 1-PMCC1

In the realm of heavy-duty machinery, Polygonmach leads with its revolutionary mobile crushing and screening plant on wheels. This unique mobile crusher, consisting of a jaw crusher measuring 600*380mm and a second chassis equipped with the renowned Metso hp100, is designed for the toughest applications.

These units aren't merely a combination of superior technology and robustness but also exhibit a deep understanding of their user's challenging requirements. With the inclusion of a Sandvik ch430, Terex, or locally equivalent cone crusher, Polygonmach stands at the apex of engineering excellence, providing highly efficient, mobile, and flexible solutions.

The three-deck vibrating screen, a vital component of this mobile plant, plays an instrumental role in classifying and separating materials, ensuring you receive the highest quality output. Its seamless integration with the crushers guarantees a streamlined operation, reducing downtime and optimizing production rates.

What sets this Polygonmach mobile crusher apart is its closed-circuit configuration, specifically designed for processing hard stones. Unlike conventional crusher plants, the closed-circuit system ensures precise material grading, reduced fines, and enhanced end-product quality. The inclusion of the single chassis in this design further optimizes the machine's mobility and ease of setup.

The array of belt conveyors integrated into the mobile crusher system adds another dimension of flexibility to the operation. Their role in material transportation is critical to the overall efficiency and speed of the operation, ensuring continuous and uniform feed to the crusher.
Technology: jaw
Mobility: mobile
Capacity: Min.: 60 t/h(37 lb/s)Max.: 80 t/h(49 lb/s)
Motor power: 220 kW(299.12 hp)
Opening height: 550 cm(216.5 in)
Opening lenght: 300 cm(118.1 in)
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