Щековая дробилка Polygonmach

щековая дробилка Polygonmach
щековая дробилка Polygonmach
щековая дробилка Polygonmach изображение 2
щековая дробилка Polygonmach изображение 3
щековая дробилка Polygonmach изображение 4
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Марка:  Polygonmach
Тип:  щековая дробилка
Собственный вес:  6000 кг
Место расположения:  Турция YENİMAHALLE/ ANKARA /
Дата размещения:  вчера
Machineryline ID:  XL38089
Производительность:  60 т/ч
Мощность:  272 л.с. (200 кВт)
Состояние:  б/у

Дополнительная информация — Щековая дробилка Polygonmach

When it comes to selecting the right crusher for your operations, jaw crushers stand out with their unique advantages. Designed for primary reduction of hard and abrasive materials, these machines ensure efficient, cost-effective crushing, contributing significantly to your operational productivity.

One of the core benefits of jaw crushers lies in their unmatched crushing power. They are equipped with robust and durable jaws that crush the toughest rocks and minerals into smaller, manageable sizes. This makes them the prime choice for primary crushing applications in mining, construction, recycling, and many more industries.

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Technology: jaw
Mobility: stationary
Other characteristics: primary
Capacity: Min.: 60 t/h(37 lb/s)Max.: 140 t/h(86 lb/s)
Motor power: Min.: 30 kW(40.79 hp)Max.: 200 kW(271.92 hp)
Opening height: Min.: 610 mm(24 in)Max.: 1,400 mm(55.1 in)
Opening lenght: Min.: 380 mm(15 in)Max.: 1,100 mm(43.3 in)
net weight: Min.: 6,000 kg(13,227.74 lb)Max.: 52,000 kg(114,640.38 lb)
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